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Why Sanchetna

The reason behind the success of SANCHETNA IAS is in the approach of encouraging students to work on original books and not the guide or so-called TOPPERS NOTES, since we firmly believe that concept building can only be done by working on original text books and government documents like NCERT, PIB, IGNOU MATERIALs, TN STATE BOARD BOOKS, YOJANA, etc and that’s why we encourage our students in making self-made notes from these documents but the market here in old Rajendra Nagar is completely flooded with these so-called coaching study materials leading to great deviation of serious aspirants from their goal of UPSC, and that’s why personal mentorship is our fore.

Not just in academics, we also help our students in getting PG or rooms in surrounding area of old Rajendra Nagar. There are more than 20 private libraries and reading rooms nearby SANCHETNA IAS. So, feel free to contact us at 011-47073280, 9911048466, 9911038466 and we would respond quickly to your doubts and would help you in holistic development of your personality and career in UPSC.

57/16 (Basement), near bliss point, Bada bazar road, Old Rajendra Nagar, Delhi – 110060.

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