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Sanchetna IAS was established by Shri Vineet Pushpak in 2007 to train all the serious aspirants preparing for UPSC exam. He is one of the best faculties in the arena of UPSC history optional, whose more than 80 students are in the services and are serving the nation with great devotion and enthusiasm.
We at Sanchetna IAS try to provide quality education to all the needy aspirants so that we can help them curtail their struggle curve. Maximum attention is paid to build solid foundation through concept building classes and regular interaction with aspirants.
Also with the changing pattern of exam Sanchetna IAS focuses on regular practice tests, which are updated with national and international events on a regular basis since without being in touch with the latest happeing in world around us, it is almost impossible to crack these competitive exams. We at Sanchetna will equip you with the most updated knowledge to keep ahead of others.
Dear aspirants for us your success in IAS examination is our only motto because your success is the success of Sanchetna. While joining our academy you are in the safest hands because Vineet sir’s experience and guidance has helped lot of aspirants crack this exam and the number is still counting. We wish you all the best.....


Our Mission

To reimagine and organize preparation strategies of our institution, informing the dynamics of Civil services examination.
To create an ambience in which knowledge is embraced from which leaders and bureaucrats of tomorrow emerge.
To give to the nation the talents that can address problems faced by the nation and the world through our mentoring.
To provide an education that transforms aspirants’ capacities through organized and rigorous course plans
To collaborate with experienced academics and trainers research across the country to strengthen the tutoring ecosystem.

Our Vision


To nurture and channel the present talent to build the bureaucracy for a better, stronger and futuristic India


To ensure quality learning, we at Sanchetna IAS Academy take utmost care to employ teachers with expert domain knowledge. All tutors, with ample experience, endeavor to make the concepts lucid enough for the students.


Founded and led by Mr. Vineet Pushpak, the teacher best known for his commitment as well as competence in training students for IAS. Supported by ablest and most experienced trainers and facilitators, Sanchetana IAS Academy is famed for its uncompromising standards in imparting the best tutoring students in History, General Studies, CSAT, Essay and Interview to realize their best possible score in IAS and PCS examination.


  • Small batches (50 students )that means better supervision of your performance by faculty members.
  • Exclusive printed notes.
  • Experienced, adapt faculty members dedicated for your success. An institution running with Gurukul Spirit.
  • One of the few institutions which promote study of original text books for their study.
  • Test Series for PT/Main conducted on every Saturday and Sunday. Broad discussion on the same day after the test.
  • Guideline in leadership of dynamic, adapt and experienced Mr. Vineet Puspak Sir.


Friend’s, we started our journey of success from 16 December 2007 onwards and every year we are touching new heights through our focused approach. The academy created a milestone in the first year of its establishment when its first enrolled student Kaushalendra Vikram Singh.
(Rank -33) brought Loreals to institute. The achievement not only encouraged us but also other students of institute. We continue this tradition of success and till now 80+ students of Sanchetana have made their dream true in UPSC AND PSCs exams…


In this era of marketization of education “Sanchetana” creates its own identity among aspirants of administrative services. Instead of false claim and luring advertisements Sanchetana believes in Simplicity and truthfulness. Sanchetana is one of the few institutions which believed in “Gurukul tradition”, attachment between mentor and his students help them to inculcate best quality and shape them in order of fulfill their dreams.


Sanchetna provides full-fledged testing platform for aspirants of administrative services. Every Saturday and Sunday (whole year) we conduct test series for preliminary and main exams in order to evaluate aspirants’ knowledge and their preparedness for the test. Test papers are designed by experienced faculty members on UPSC exam patterns. Every test is followed by discussion, which in turn boosts up knowledge and improves strategy to write exam papers. For working aspirants these after test discussion classes bridge the gap of regular classes. Answer Sheets and notes of all successful students of Sanchetana are available for benefit of aspirants. Sanchetana test Series not only provides a platform evaluate oneself but also helps in order to be successful.


“A person who has not made coffee ever can’t teach you coffee making”. In other words faculty members should themselves secured good marks in their respective subject in UPSE exams. It is quite essential criteria to Judge faculty members, otherwise they cannot do Justice with what they teach. A dynamic personality induced the aspirants towards dynamism. Here at Sanchetana one can feel this.


Low-cost institutions have been enticing aspirants and entice them in future also. If institution is governed by trust they should teach you in free, low-cost private institutions face problem in maintaining infrastructure, quality notes and dedicated faculties. It resulted in loss of your invaluable time, efforts and compel you towards faculties one should think about value of money they are getting.


A major dilemma most of aspirants have to face is by what criteria they should select institute for their studies. Instead of luring towards glittering advertisements and high claim of success one should make the basis of coaching selection on- 1. How much time faculty members could devote for you? 2. How much accessible they are? 3. How much marks faculty members have secured in their respective UPSC exam.


In IAS Exam your success and failure depend greatly on your subject selection. Scoring subjects, short pedagogy and rumors like “selection of public administration as a subject helps one in training period of administrative services” have been criteria for subject selection by students. Students should make decision by themselves that which institute and teacher takes personal interest in his success. The right basis of optional subject selection is that “how well you understand the question and write the answer of the same”, because ultimately its you’re writing which gain marks in the examination.


History is study of past in order to understand the present and predict about future and when it comes to UPSC, History has a great say not only in terms of its weightage in prelims but also in terms of its coverage in other GS papers and essay paper and therefore we feel gratitude to say that Shri Vineet Pushpak, the director of Sanchetna IAS, has helped more than 80 aspirants clearing this exam with History optional in one form or other. For last many years History has been an evergreening subject in UPSC with success ratio of 5.5% which mean a lot for any subject taken by large section of aspirants.

1. History is static - With the changing nature of exam, aspirants find it tough to update themselves every day with their optional paper. But history, being static in nature, is a boon for those who want the most simplified way to crack UPSC. Syllabus once done is done forever!
2. History overlaps with other GS papers - The biggest advantage of taking history as an optional paper is that it has a huge weightage in other papers of UPSC. In prelims at least 20 Que is directly asked from History, which is no less than a boon for History optional aspirants. Also, in Mains GS1 History has a great say, and the story does not end here, in fact in Essay paper generally one or two essays are directly from Historical topics which can keep you a step ahead of others.
3. Availability of guidance - With so much of good books like Bipin Chandra, Rakesh Sharma, Satish chandra, etc the sources for History optional are simplified. Any aspirant following these books under the guidance of Shri Vinnet Pushpak sir can easily complete his optional with the potential of scoring in between 260-290 marks in optional paper of UPSC CSE.
4. History is interesting - Specially a lot of tech graduates found History to be boring, but this perception is totally wrong because History is study of our past and our evolution. It contains a lot of mysteries and answers for those questions being unknown today. In the today's time coaching institutes teach history just a sequence of events but in reality, it is a way different thing. We at Sanchetna IAS under the guidance of Shri Vineet Pushpak sir, try to visualize historical events in a chronology so that it becomes interesting and fascinating to lot aspirants taking history as optional.
5. Trend analysis in History - History has a track record of doing good in UPSC since long with success rate of 5.5%. Every year large number of aspirants clear UPSC with history as their optional paper and this time too All India Rank 1 Shruti Sharma was an aspirant of History. Therefore, we at Sanchetna IAS wish you all the best for opting History as your optional paper and please feel free to contact us in any way you need our help, the team Sanchetna IAS will be grateful to you!!!


“Close Study of text books is the only one way to secure your name in UPSC final merit list. Dependency on various notes and guides may causes information overload and can make your future a lottery game.

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